Department of Plant Physiology

Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Estonian University of Life Sciences

Fr.R. Kreutzwaldi 1, EE-51014 Tartu,

phone: +372 7313207

fax: +372 nnnnnn


room: 2B30, Metsamaja

Dr.rer.nat. Steffen M. Noe


Research topics

My main research topics are connected with biosphere-atmosphere interactions, biogeochemical cycles, and climate change. Mainly, emissions from plants, influences of plants on atmospheric physical and chemical composition and properties, influences of the atmosphere on the plant cover, complex systems, feedback loops over scales of organisation and more...

Current hot topics

The build up of SMEAR Estonia, a comprehensive measurement station in Järvselja as current southernmost point of the SMEAR network. more...

Students wanted

Our work is very interdisciplinary, there are plenty of possible themes for bachelor, master and doctoral/PhD thesis available. more...